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Power supply

I was given a router Linksys WAP11 but it did not have an AC/DC adaptor so, so I don't know what voltage I should get,it is not on the router. I have got one AC/DC adaptor with 120v ac 60Hx 260mA, output 14V DC 1100Ma, is this regular 120 volts power supply okay.
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Re: Power supply

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WAP11 v1.1 - 5V 2A BIG BARREL 110~120V

WAP11 v2.2 - 5V 2A BIG BARREL 110~120V

WAP11 v2.6 - 5V 2.5A BIG BARREL 110~120V

WAP11 v2.8 - 12V 500mA BIG BARREL 120VAC

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Re: Power supply

Yes it okay no problem with that.
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Re: Power supply

I have a mod # befsr41 v.2......


What is the proper voltage power supply for this mod. router?

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Re: Power supply

thats pretty old! I found this link and if you go down to page 80 it shows the specs. Not sure how accurate that is but there should be a label somewhere on the bottom that may show it also.