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Problems with Factory Reset on EPC3925

After performing a factory reset on my router, I am unable to log into the router in order to set up or change my wireless settings.


The default admin/password login does not work (I've tried all combinations), and I am only able to login as a guest user (blank username/password), which does not let me change any settings.


It is also stuck on bridged mode (router page is instead of 192.168.0,1), which I am unable to change both due to both the lack of admin account as well as the fact that the factory resets do not revert it to router/non-bridged mode.


Any help at all on how to log in and change these settings would be very much appreciated -- thanks!

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Re: Problems with Factory Reset on EPC3925

Hi CheshireCat and Welcome to the Cisco Home Community.

The EPC/DPC3925 is an internet service provider (ISP) supported product. In other words you need to contact your ISP or technology reseller that you purchased this from to help you with your question.


However I did a search and found the DPC3925/EPC3925 manual that may help you:

The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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