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Question about orange/white cisco light on wrt54gl

looked across at the router today, this light had previously
been orange was now completely unlit.
According to the very brief mention of it in the manual,
it says it should be either orange or white.

According to my understanding, white means SES was used to setup
a client, while orange signifies SES was not used.
Mine was not lit at all. Furthermore, the manual states that if
the button is held down for 5 seconds, WPA and the SSID are reset.
This did nothing when I tried it.

I used the main web config/admin / restore factory defaults to
get this light to be orange again. (OF cousrse, had to reenter all
my QOS settings, etc)
Also, on the wireless basic tab, it now says
STATUS SES security parameters configured.
Why? I didn't use SES. I did manually setup personal WPA.
Is this what it means?
Can anybody shed any "light" on this mysterious button.
Oh, almost forgot to mention, using official FW 4.30.9
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Re: Question about orange/white cisco light on wrt54gl

Hi…. According to Linksys documentation:


The Cisco logo is the Router’s SecureEasySetup button. It lights up and will stay orange when the Router is powered on. The color orange indicates that the Router is not using the SecureEasySetup feature, while the color white indicates that the Router is using the SecureEasySetup feature. When the Router enters SecureEasySetup mode, the Cisco logo will turn white and start flashing. After the Router has generated the SSID and WPA-PSK (also called WPA-Personal) key, the Cisco logo will stop flashing and stay white. To clear the SSID and WPA-PSK key, press and hold down the Cisco logo for five seconds. The Cisco logo will flash slowly as the Router resets itself. The Cisco logo will turn orange to indicate a successful reset.


If the light is not lit then I think the feature is disabled all together.