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Question about port forwarding 2 xbox 360s to get rid of NAT on one of them

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I have a xbox 360 with the official xbox 360 wireless antenna that is already set up for port forwarding and my NAT is fine.  My brother has a xbox 360 and he has a NAT problem but he doesn't have a official xbox 360 wireless antenna, he hooked up his laptop to his xbox 360 via ethernet cable and is using his laptops wireless card for the connection and he gets a NAT error when he tests his connection to xbox live.  Is it possible to port forward 2 xbox's?  I'm sure I have to set up some type of static IP for him but the thing is that I'm not sure what IP address to assign to him.  If it is possible, would he have to use a static IP address on his laptop since he's using that for a wireless connection?  If this is at all possible could someone post some step-by-step instructions on how I should set this up?  Below I will give you what I have set up for my xbox 360 to open up my NAT I just want to know what static IP I can use for him.  Can I use just any numbers?



In my port forwarding tab in my wireless modem I have the following:






























and in my xbox i have the following settings:


IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:


Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:



I have all that entered for myself and my xbox NAT is open.  I just need to set up his xbox if it is at all possible.  Please help!!!


P.S. My router is a WRT54GS v2.0 with updated firmware, just incase you need that info.

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Re: Question about port forwarding 2 xbox 360s to get rid of NAT on one of them

get into setup page of router with to application and gaming.....under that go to port trigerring....under application type xbox and in front of that in first box type 88 in second box type3074 in third box again type 88 and in forth box type 3074 check enable box.and save first tab ie. in setup tab mtu is on auto change to manual and size is 1500 change it to 1365 and save settings..check that enable box and hit save settings.....ur xbox will work fine and these settings will for all two xboxes...there is no need to open ports separately for each xbox

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Re: Question about port forwarding 2 xbox 360s to get rid of NAT on one of them

ok that still didn't help me.... he still has a NAT problem.... I don't....I went to port triggering and added the ports that you described but it didn't open his NAT... If the connection is going through his laptop(acting like the xbox 360's wireless antenna) wouldn't either his laptop or his xbox need a static ip? because I had to set up my xbox manually with the following addresses:



subnet mask:

default gateway:


primary dns:

secondary dns:


so in essence wouldn't his laptop need to be configured with some kind of static ip or something? because if he puts in what I just stated into his xbox it wont connect at all because I guess the ip's are what do I do now?

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Re: Question about port forwarding 2 xbox 360s to get rid of NAT on one of them

Try, go to DMZ and set ur xbox's ip in there, then make your brothers laptop have a static ip as XXX.XXX.X.21. Then go to port fr0warding, and set current ports to the ip as the laptop. DMZ will make it so your xbox is connected directly to the internet, without having to go threw ur router. Then the proper ports should be opened for the xbox running threw the laptop, also try open up ports 53 both 80 both 88 both and 3074 both. From my understanding those are all the standard ports for xbox live, also have the xbox hooked up threw the laptop have auto ip and dns and see if that helps.