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Questions about the new Linksys E3000

Hello, I am looking to purchase the new E3000 and before I do I have a few questions....


1) Can I connect a USB Hub to the Router so I can use my External HDD and my Printer for network sharing/printing?

2) What are the differences between the new E3000 and the old WRT610N?

3)  Is the user interface simmilar to this (or what ever you want to call it)?


4) Is the AE1000 a good network adapter to use for gaming?


Thank You!

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Re: Questions about the new Linksys E3000

Okay, I figued out my own questions....

1) The USB port is only for External HDD or Media Sharing.... AKA Not Printers....
2) E3000 is just the updated verson and its better....

3) Yes it has that simmilar interface....

4) No, they recomend the WGA600N....

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Re: Questions about the new Linksys E3000

- You can not use the USB port of the router for the USB Hub.


-Both the routers have same feature.With E3000,you will get the "Cisco Connect Center" software,through which you can easily configure your network.With E3000,you can also create the Guest network.


- Yes,the User Interface is similar.


- Yes,you can use the AE1000 adapter for Gaming.

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Re: Questions about the new Linksys E3000

Hi there,


I have some questions about the wrt610n and e3000 routers

1. Is there a difference between the wrt610n v2 and the e3000 or in the USA the wrt610n v2 is called e3000

2. Are the wrt610n v2 and e3000 still draft-n routers and if so when do you plan to release a high end  wireless n router?


thank you in advance