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RE: WRT54GC using a USB ADSL modem

Hi peeps! um i think im still new at this but is there anyway around in connecting to the internet using a usb ADSL modem connecting to the internet. I have a Usless speedtouch 330 and doesnt have an ethernet cable end only a usb ¬¬. So is there a way around like connecting to the internet through a computer that uses the USB modem instead of connecting it to the Router.
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Re: RE: WRT54GC using a USB ADSL modem

I don't know of any Linksys routers that will accept a USB Internet connection.  If you first wire your USB signal through a computer, you have lost a lot of the benefits of having a router, therefore I do not recommend this.
You need to get a modem with an ethernet port.  Then connect your router to it.
If your ISP supplied you with that USB modem recently, I would send it back and complain, and ask for a new modem with an ethernet port.  They really have no business sending out USB only modems anymore.