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Recovering Linksys WRT54G password

Ok, long story short.  I got that dang new virus on my laptop.  Had to image everything to a new harddrive and restore to factory settings.  I of course backed up everything to my jump drive, but now cannot connect to my router because I forgot the password. 


Can anyone help me get to it and reset?  I've reset the router, (held button for 30 seconds), but don't know where to go from there.


Thank you for any assistance!

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Re: Recovering Linksys WRT54G password

Input into your browser.  Use admin as password and leave username blank.  Go to wireless.

Change the ssid to something other than Linksys example: Newfie.  Click on Save.  Now click on wireless Security.  Set Security mode to WPA Personal.  Set Algorimths to AES. Set passphrase in WPA Share key Examble 1a2b3c4d.

Now go to the computer with a wireless adaptor.  Click on view wireless network  You will see your network.  Example Newfie Secured network click on your network.  It will asks for the key use the passphrase you setup in your router.

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Re: Recovering Linksys WRT54G password

As you have resetted your router all passwords 0are lost and your router is back to factory default settings...

You now have to re-configure your router...

If your Internet Service Providor is Cable follow the link here

If your Internet Service Providor is DSL follow this
To change the Wireless Settings click here
To set-up Wireless Security click here , your laptop should now detect your wireless network and you can connect to it now...