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Remove unwanted computers connected to my wireless connection

I really don't wish to secure my system, but other computers keep piggybacking onto my wireless.  How do I disconnect them.  Hiding them just takes them off the screen, and when they are active I can not do anything with them.  I should be able to shut them off right in mid stream.


How can I shut them down and disconnect them.

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Re: Remove unwanted computers connected to my wireless connection

I'm not sure if there's an option in the router to disconnect someone. Maybe it's just my router. What I usually do, I let them connect so I can see their MAC addresses somewhere in the Status tab. Then I add them in MAC Filtering. Once I update the router, all of the MAC addresses I added gets disconnected. There are ways to get connected again, spoof their MAC addresses. Which I will detect again and add in MAC Filtering. The problem is, my router is allowed up to 40 entries only.

I then switch to securing my system with WPA. It saved me a lot of time checking my router for new unknown MAC addresses. I'd suggest, you secure your connection.