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Replacement of WRT54G Router

I have a router that my cable company feels needs replacing. I don't really know if that is true since they tried to sell me a new router or rent one to me. In any event I would assume that replacement is needed. I am not a geek and my existing WRT54G router was installed by someone else who went through all the work to set up my home network. Ideally, I would like to buy the same model router and use the existing lines to plug into the new router thereby minimizing installation time and trouble. From all of the posts on this site I am certain that installation of a new router is not easily accomplished and is subject to many "gotchas." People spend days installing a router and a fair number of them are not successful. It seems incredible to me that a manufacturer could produce a product that causes so much wasted customer time and anguish.


I am running Win XP ver. 3 with IE ver. 7. I would like experienced advice on which model router would be ideal as a replacement for my WRT54G which has been adequate for my home network. Then I would like advice on whether I should try to do it myself or hire a geek to do it for me. I have next to zero patience and no tolerance for badly written instructions. For those who have traveled down the road I'm ready to go, tell it to me straight.

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Re: Replacement of WRT54G Router

WRT54G router is one of the best routers.

Go for Linksys E series router ( model E1000, E2000 or E3000 ). These routers are very easy to install. The speed and the signal strength will be very good as compared to the WRT54G router.

You don't need to hire a technician to install this router. You will get a Cisco connect software with this router. Just run the CD and Cisco connect software will do everything for you. It will automatically secure the wireless network for you.