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Router Behind Router Setup instructions needed (Linksys E1000 & 2-wire 3801HGV)

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Let me give you a quick history of what I am trying to do and why I am trying to do.




So I have AT&T u-verse which is both my Cable and Internet provider. They provided me a 2-Wire 3801HGV Gateway that had been working fine for quite a while until this past December when the Wireless just kept dropping out (quite annoying).I also know this has affected many other as I have read many threads with people trying to figure it out with no success. So I have called AT&T serveral times and they have sent several technicians over to try and fix the problem. Well while they have all been extremely curtious and helpful, their fixes have all been temporary Smiley Sad. I continued to look for answers and the only thing people suggested which I hadn't tried was putting a router behind the Gateway and using that for Wireless. So I recently bought a Linksys E1000 router and am attempting to connect it but I know there is a host of different settings to change to get it to work and even though I've read and read and read I just don't get it.


So I come to you, the Network Masters in hope that I might be able to get step by step instructions on how to achieve my goal. Your familarity with the product and possible thing I'm trying to do well be of great help! Smiley Happy




  • Disable the Wireless on the Gateway while still being able to use 3 out of the 4 LAN ports
  • use the Linksys E1000's Wireless and 4 LAN ports

Now I'm not sure what the difference between creating a Wireless Access Point (WAP) or a  "Bridge" is but what I think I am looking for is to create a WAP. At least that is what it seems to be to me. I really just need step by step instructions on what to do. Smiley Wink



  • 1x 2-Wire 3801HGV Gateway
  • 1x Linksys E1000 Router (Brand New w/ default settings)
  • 4x AT&T u-verse STB's (1 Ethernet & 3 Coax)
  • 1x Playstation 3 (Wireless)
  • 2x Nintendo Wii's (Wireless)
  • 1x Sony Laptop (Wireless)
  • 1x Sony Desktop (Wired)
  • 2x iPhones (Wireless)
  • 1x iPod Touch (Wireless)
  • 1x iMac (Wired)
  • 1x Macbook (Wireless)

Obviously many people in my family using different items and different times. All the wireless items in the list I've given Static IP's and the wired ones I left to be handled via DHCP. I usually set the security to WPA + WPA2 and finally secure with MAC Filtering.





Now I know that I have to have it as follows for it to work, I also know that I have to disable the Wireless in the 2-Wire Gateway. Those things are simple enough to do.


RG's LAN Port 1 ==========================> Linksys WAN Port

Linksys LAN Port 1 ========================> Sony Laptop


It's the rest I don't understand and get lost on. The disabling of DHCP and what and where you change the Address's in the Gateway & Router. I get completely lost there Smiley Indifferent.



Any help would be appreciated. I am not completely unfamiliar with certain aspects of networking but am still mostly a noob so don't spare the details Smiley Wink.


Thanks in Advance



Ohh and a few questions if you don't mind...



  1. What does it sound like I need to create for what I explained above; a WAP or a Bridge?
  2. What is the difference and purpose of creating a Wireless Access Point vs a Bridge?
  3. Will creating either of these disable any of the LAN ports on either the Gateway or Router?

Thanks for all the Help, If you have any other questions or need any other info I'll be glad to provide it


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Re: Router Behind Router Setup instructions needed (Linksys E1000 & 2-wire 3801HGV)

Follow the instructions here... its the same concept..


Cascading (Connecting) a Linksys Router to Another Linksys Router

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