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Router and cell phone interference?

I have a WRT54G v6 and two AT&T cell phones, different models.  The router resides in a small home office along with a desktop PC, al laptop PC and  Macbook. There is also a wireless phone handset in the room. In the past two-to-three months, cell phone calls have begun to be dropped. Previously, there were no problems with calls. The only noticeable interference was a buzzing sound on the desktop PC when the cell phone was about to ring. Calls were made, both incoming and outgoing without incident. Now call drops happen most frequently when within 10 feet or less of the equipment; although that isn't true 100% of the time.


I called AT&T and they weren't interested in helping to troubleshoot the issue. I turned to this forum and didn't find any resolve through various searches so it doesn't appear that any other forum registrant is having this same problem.


I have tried switching channels on the router, updating the firmware, and periodically turning the cell phones on and off. I thought that, perhaps, bluetooth signals could be causing the intereference so I turned off the bluetooth capability on one of the phones. The other was already disabled. None of these solutions worked.


Any experts out there that can provide further direction?

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Re: Router and cell phone interference?

Try disabling the firewalls on the pc & also try avoiding the interfering devices like microsoft oven, cordless phone etc. Also, try reducing the MTU size & it will work properly.
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Re: Router and cell phone interference?

Most Cingular/At&t cell phones do this. When the phone is near an audio source you can hear buzzing sounds as the phone is receiving updates from the towers and or incoming calls. At a local race track here there is a sign posted below the announcers stand, "All cell phones must be turned OFF before entering." It interferes with the mic and the buzzing sounds are broadcasted out to the crown in the stands. I've heard, don't quote me on this, that some Verizon phones will do it also but I don't know. 


The phones that I have found to do it utilize the 900Mhz frequency.  It will say somewhere on the phone, usually under the battery.  Next time when phone shopping try a Sony Ericsson model, the two phones in this household that are Sony have never produced this type of interference.


As for settings to change on your router, I don't have the slightest clue. I would tell you to try the things you have already done(channel changing).