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Router connection problems - DISH satellite receivers or too many devices?

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(Sorry about that - I thought I had broken the message up.)

I'm having significant issues with my Linksys router timing out, and need help. I'll try to be as detailed as I can.

I have the following:
- Linksys WRT54G v3 wireless router I purchased off eBay 3-4 years ago. Using 128-bit WEP secirity. Even though the model says WRT54G, my Linksys setup page says I have a WRT54GL. Don't know if that's pertinent but thought I'd include the info)
- HP desktop running Vista Home Premium
- Gateway Solo laptop (circa 3Q 2002) running WinXP SP3, and also have WPC54G - Wireless-G Notebook Adapter
- Gateway M275 Notebook running Windows XP Tablet Edition w/SP3, internal wireless card
- Linksys WRE54G Wireless Range Expander, v3

My broadband internet connects to my cable modem, which then runs via ethernet to my router. I have my desktop connected to my router via (wired) ethernet cable (port 1), and the two laptops connect wirelessly. All three computers on my network run just fine and have had no connection issues until I had two (2) DISH satellite receivers installed this past Friday.

Prior to installation, I knew I would need the two receivers hooked up to my network via ethernet cable. Since one receiver was in the same room as my router, it was easy to run an ethernet cable from my router to the receiver (port 2). I had a challenge with the upstairs receiver, because I didn't have a direct connection, and wasn't sure how to wire it. So, I used my range expander by plugging in the expander into a nearby outlet, then connecting the receiver to the expander via ethernet cable.

I had some issues getting a good signal, and did some troubleshooting but made it work. Now I had five devices connected to my router: two with a wired ethernet cable and three wirelessly.

I started having connection timeouts within about 3-4 hours of satellite [receiver] installation. All of the sudden I couldn't connect to the internet on ANY device; both laptops couldn't connect wirelessly, my desktop couldn't connect, and the receivers were telling me my connection was bad. I checked modem but there were no issues. Still, I unplugged the power cable from the modem for a minute, then reconnected - still no internet. I called my cable company to have them troubleshoot the modem, but they pinged it several times & got positive results - still no internet, so I ruled the modem out.

I tried using the Windows connection troubleshooter to repair the problem, and got a DNS error message (which I don't know how to fix). I decided to unplug my router for 10-15 seconds, then plug back in - that got my internet connection going again. That lasted a couple hours & then failed. I unplugged the router again (is that a soft reset or a power cycle?), then reconnected & was able to connect to the internet. This happened a few more times over the weekend, and finally I decided the expander might be the issue (both DISH and Linksys tech support was not very helpful).

I found a way to wire my second receiver via ethernet cable (port 3), so now I had three wired devices, and two wireless devices. I thought this would fix the problem; it didn't, but at least I learned how to wire CAT5 cable. So I got that going for me... which is nice.

I plugged the ethernet cable directly from my modem to my desktop to test the timeout, but had no issues - the modem just wasn't the problem.

I was getting some IP address conflicts on my Norton Inernet Security, so I uninstalled that from my desktop, disconnected the power from the modem, disconnected the power from the router, shut down all devices, reset the IP addresses on the receivers, deleted the wireless connection from the laptops, shut down the desktop, and just left the whole mess alone for half a day. Then I reinstalled the Norton Internet Security, connected my wired devices, plugged the modem in, plugged the router in, reset my security, connected wirelessly with my laptops.

Within an hour my connection timed out.

Trying to chat with tech support wasn't feasible, as my connection kept going out. A guy at work said I shoudl ping my IP address, and let it repeat until my connection goes out. So I unplugged the router and plugged it back in to get an internet connection, the opened a cmd prompt and typed
ping -t

I left it alone for a few hours, and when I came back, my internet connection was down, but I was still getting active pings - no problems there.

At this point I thought I had done everything except replacing my router (which I'm still tempted to do), but I called my broadband provider to see if there was anything they could do. One of the techs said I had too many devices connected to the internet, but I thought these routers were supposed to handle dozens of devices?

I finally called Linksys Tech Support and had a conversation for 90 minutes. We went through all the steps of unplugging the the modem, router & all connected devices, resetting the router, etc, etc. The only thing different he did was had me change my security from WPA to 64-bit WEP, and added passwords for DNA1 and DNS 2 (same password for each).

That was at 1:30am last night, and when I woke up to check my connection this morning, it was still connected. I have to check it again when I get home, but I'm wondering if I should just be prepared to get another router (and if so, any recommendations), or if there's something I'm still not doing that could resolve my issue - if I still have connection losses.

Also, I'm concerned about the security thing. If changing from WEP 128 or WPA to WEP 64 fixed my problem, I'm not sure I feel completely protected from intrusion - isn't that pretty much the least amount of security I can have (without forgoing it altogether)??

Finally, I've read a few threads suggesting possibly changing to static IP from DHCP; however, my satellite receiver installation documentation specifically advises against this for the receivers.

Anyway, I would very much appreciate some help.

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Re: Router connection problems - DISH satellite receivers or too many devices?

First please break that long text into separate paragraphs. No one wants to read one long runon sentences

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Re: Router connection problems - DISH satellite receivers or too many devices?

Try upgrading the firmware on the router to the latest one. It will work fine.