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Router not working

My router stopped working all of a sudden. When try to connect to internet by wireless NW, it says the connection to access point established but internet cannot be found.  I tried to connect direct (DSL modem to Linksys router to pc) and it works. When called for support they told me that firmware needs to be updated in the router but for $40 since my warranty had expired. When browsed the site I found a place to download the updated version of firmware but with .bin extension. Can't get to this exe file to open and install. Can't find anywhere on the web as how to load this .bin extend application? Can anyone please help? I lost my job and don't want to spent $40 if I don't have to.  Also, if this truly the issue. Why would router stop working? The support technician didn’t seem confident when he recommended firmware issue. He had to pu me on hold and had to go back and forth to finally tell me that it is firmware issue. 


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Re: Router not working

The .bin file is a binary image file of your router's firmware.  It is used "as is".  You do not need to unzip it or execute it.  It will be copied directly into your router.  In the router's setup pages, you can use the firmware upgrade page to update your router's firmware.


After a firmware upgrade, you must reset the router to factory defaults, then setup the router again from scratch.  If you saved a router configuration file, DO NOT use it. 

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Re: Router not working

As you have already downloaded the firmware for your Router, Make sure you have downloaded the right firmware version. If you try to upload an incorrect firmware on your Router, these might make your stop communicating with your computer..


Follow these steps to upgrade the firmware on the device : -

Open an Internet Explorer browser page on a computer hard wired to the router...In the address bar type - the Username blank & in Password use admin in lower case...

Click on the 'Administration' tab- Then click on the 'Firmware Upgrade' sub tab- Here click on 'Browse' and browse the .bin firmware file and click on "Upgrade"...

Wait for few seconds until it shows that "Upgrade is successful"  After the firmware upgrade, click on "Reboot" and you will be returned back to the same page OR it will say "Page cannot be displayed".

Now reset your router :

Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your router, wait for 30 seconds and re-connect the power cable...Now re-configure your router...