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My wireless router (WRT54G v.3) was working fine until a few weeks ago.  Now I cannot get an internet connection using my router, although I do get an internet connection when just using my DSL modem.  I was on hold for 30 minutes Monday w/ telephone customer service, then again for 45 minutes today.  When I finally did connect with a CS rep, the connection was so poor that I couldn't hear a thing she was saying.  I did make out that my warrently is expired and I needed to speak to someone else to pay for help with my problem, but the connectin was lost and I was never transfered.  Tried to access customer service/technical support via LIVE CHAT and waited in line behind 60 other people only to be told (Once it FINALLY got to be my turn) that I needed JAVA to chat and kicked me out of line.  I tried to download JAVA and it will not download so I cannot participate in live chat either.  While on hold on the telephone, I heard a message over and over that you can leave an email message to have someone call you back within 24 hours but I cannot find this option on the website.  Funny how I also heard over and over of the award winning customer service provided by Linksys....being a former CS Manager, I am disgusted by this claim.  LINKSYS CS is the worst I have ever encountered - being that I can't even GET to customer service!  Can anyone help me get to a live rep to help me with my router issue without having to remain on hold again for 30-45 minutes only to possibly have another rotten connection???  ANY help is greatly appreciated at this point.....
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Please state your ISP.
Please state the make and model of your modem.
If you know the URL for your modem's User Guide, please post it.
Using an ethernet cable, connect your computer directly to your modem.  Verify that you have a properly working Internet connection.
Then go to "Start" > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
A black DOS box will appear. Type in "ipconfig /all" (with no quotes), then hit the Enter key.  Post the results.
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Hi, I already posted this. Try this I hope it works with DSL.
I think you will need to clone your MAC address. Connect to the modem to the PC without the router, make sure the internet is working, go to start, run, type cmd, click ok, type ipconfig/all, try to find the Physical Address at the Ethernet adapter local area connection, it'll show like 6 pairs of numbers and alphabets. Write them down. Connect to the wireless router, go to the router's firmware by typing (I think) on the internet explorer, type the password admin, leave the name blank, click ok, find MAC Address Clone at the setup, enable it and put the MAC Address, and click clone and save settings. If it's still not working, try to unplug and plug the modem power cord and/or repair the internet connection by right click your mouse on the internet connection icon at the toolbars on the lower right the screen, click repair. I hope this will help. Have a good day! super_chair Message Edited by super_chair on 12-26-2007 11:07 PM

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Key word there in my opinion is DSL. I had many problems with my wireless router I switched back to cable because they gave me a better deal, Lo and behold my problems are now minimal I have talked to a few other people that have expereinced the same.Coincidence I think not.
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Hey thanks for your help, but I have one more question.  The IP Address and DNS Servers popped up, but what now?  Do I connect my wireless router to the device now. Please respone back.  Thanks again.Smiley Happy