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Secure DDNS password

The E3200 router supports DDNS updates to but I'm unable to determine if the password is sent securely or not.

According to their website, The API works over HTTPS and HTTP.

How do I know which protocol is applied when sending the password?


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Re: Secure DDNS password

Checking with the Dyn forum I am told:

Dyn support both, clear and encrypted updates, so it depends what Cisco has applied for this router model.

The answer may depend on the hardware version of your router and the firmware version.

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Re: Secure DDNS password

Updates can be performed over HTTP or SSL-encrypted HTTPS (preferred).


All requests should be sent to Hard coding the IP address is not acceptable as the IP address may change.


The update interface listens on ports 80 and 8245 for HTTP, and 443 for HTTPS. Port 8245 may be used to bypass transparent HTTP proxies. It is not necessary to open any incoming ports (or allow incoming ICMP) for updating.


So DDNS password in the linksys/Cisco are in encrypted form...