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Setting up EA6500 router without a modem

I recently purchased an EA6500 router to replace the crappy Westell 7550 AT&T provided me with. The 7550 was easily hooked up with two cords: the Ethernet cord into the computer and the Internet/data cable hooked into the DSL filter. I thought the EA6500 would have an easy installation, but it has not gone so smoothly. I hypothesize it's one of two problems - either the Internet/data cable is incompatible with the EA6500 (the cable works; I've re-tested it on the 7550), or it is because all instructions mention plugging the Internet/data cable into a modem's port while I do not have a modem. My Internet comes from a DSL filter attached to a telephone jack in the wall. Nowhere else I've searched online seems to have the answer to this problem; anyone have any ideas?
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Re: Setting up EA6500 router without a modem

The EA6500 is just a router (no modem functionalities) so there is no way that you can connect the DSL connection to this router. You need to use a modem then connect it to the router afterwards. What you can do is, use your Westell 7550 and disable the wireless part of it (or set it to bridge mode if possible) then connect the EA6500 to it.


You may check this links how to setup the EA6500 with a DSL connection:


Title: Setting up a Linksys router for DSL Internet connection

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