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Setting up my E2500 router

Hello! A few weeks ago I purchased an E2500 router for wireless wi-fi in my home. I inserted the installation disc and started going through the process, but my hard drive on my MacBook so I couldn't finish setting up the router. I have borrowed someones PC laptop, but it doesn't have a CD drive. Is there any way I can set up the router on line or any other way? Will the set up work for Macs and PC's? Any suggestions GREATLY appreciated!

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Re: Setting up my E2500 router

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I'm not sure but try this:
Connect the laptop to the device and wait for a while.
If there the router has DHCP enabled you will get an IP from the router.
Use command line:
windows 7:
-press start
-type cmd and run it
-type ipconfig
-find your NIC and the default gateway
-copy the default gateway in your browser!

In linux same but use terminal and command is "ifconfig"

Hope this helps



edit: This may also help you

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Re: Setting up my E2500 router

Hi 4inform,


If you can go online connected directly to your modem using your computer, you can download the setup wizard (Cisco Connect). Once done downloading you can run it on your computer and it will do the same thing as the CD.


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