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Setting up two wireless routers on one network

Ok here is the setup I have now...


Cable modem running into a WRT160NL that I have setup under SSID: Ninja Turtles Lair, setup with WPA2 Personal. The router is setup as an ip of and DHCP is enabled, and setup to assign from to


I have a straight through cable running to a WRT54G. This router is setup under a different SSID also with WPA2 Personal. The ip for this router is setup for DHCP is enabled on this router and setup to assign an address from to


When i connect to the first network everything works correctly. When i connect to the second network It allows me to connect to the router, but I have no internet connectivity.


I'm not really sure what I am missing here as I am kind of 'green' in setting up routers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Setting up two wireless routers on one network

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Your WRT54G can't be on the same subnet as WRT160NL.
WRT54G should have an and DHCP enabled.

If you are trying to achieve connecting both networks, then you should connect WRT54G to WRT160NL.

Here's the procedure in cascading routers.

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Re: Setting up two wireless routers on one network

Dear dudz....   great help... and a great article on cascading two wireless routers.... soooo, just to make sure before I cascade mine.... here is my network.... in my house, I just installed a new E3000, replacing my SX200.  So my main home router is the E3000.  From it, I have a network switch.  From that switch, I have a CAT5e run about 200 feet to my barn/workshop.  I would like to put the SRX200 in the barn/workshop.  I would have a network switch there too, and from that switch, I would have a hardwired ethernet for my laptop and then the SRX200 for when I am out back of the barn working wireless back to the SRX200.  So of the two ways you describe in the WONDEFUL article, which one would you recommend I use?  I am leaning towards the first one listed: Connecting one of the Ethernet ports (LAN ports) of the second router (SRX200 in my case) to one of the Ethernet ports of the main Linksys router (E3000 in my case).  (This seems like the only one that will really work because of the network switches I will have in-place... right?)


Thoughts?  and many thanks!

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Re: Setting up two wireless routers on one network

I have a similar problem except i have a cable modem connected to 1 gigabit cisco/linksys switch and then to a wrt54gs and a e1200 with a range external elsewhere in my home.


independently each router works with the cable modem , but combined only one works.


they each have separate ssid also


any recommendations

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Re: Setting up two wireless routers on one network

Your cable provider probably only provides on IP Address. In which case only one router at a time would be able to grab and IP Address.


You need to use one of the routers as the Main router connected to the cable modem and LAN to LAN cascade the second router in. The switch can be connected either the the Main router or the Secondary it doesn't make much difference.


The secondary router has nothing plugged into it Internet Port.


Cascading routers

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