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Smart Wi-Fi Account shows incorrect status

My cascaded home network topology is wired like this:
ZTE Broadband ADSL modem (F660) —> ASUS Multiband Router (RT68U) —-> LINKSYS EA6500
The modem is connected to the WAN port of the ASUS, while the ASUS - Linksys connection is LAN - LAN.
The Linksys is configured to an IP within the DHCP pool of the ASUS and DHCP is disabled.
Both routers are configured to WPA2 (Personal)
Everything works fine - the two routers can see the devices connected to themselves and to each other, and both can access the internet

The problem is that when I log into the smart Wi-Fi admin portal of the Linksys, it says internet is down, when in fact the internet connection works fine. In practicality I cannot perform operations like firmware updates through the portal. I I tried connecting the 2 routers as LAN-WAN but this caused chaos and I I had to reconfigure the LINKSYS.
Any solutions would be welcome!

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Re: Smart Wi-Fi Account shows incorrect status

Hi, Yohann1,


Based on your setup the Linksys router is connected to the ASUS through a LAN to LAN connection, and the WAN port is empty hence it won't detect the internet connection, but the internet should work fine. With the LAN to LAN connection, you won't be able to automatically update the firmware since the Linksys router is not connected to the cloud server. If you wish to make use of the Auto-update feature of the Linksys router, you would need to use the Linksys router as the primary router and make the ASUS router as the secondary router. 


Meanwhile, we'd like to know what happened when you tried LAN to WAN. What issues did you encounter when you tried it? Was your WAN port able to grab an IP address from the primary router? What was the primary router? Also, we'd like to know what setup you're trying to achieve for us to better assist you.

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