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Static IP for printer with wired connection

My printer (HP7210) is wired connected to my WRT54GL router. 2 computers have also a wired connection, my laptop is connected wireless. All these computers use the connected printer. 2 computers can only use a static IP-address for the printer. How can I set a static IP address in my router?

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Re: Static IP for printer with wired connection

You can't. Set the static IP address on the printer.
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Re: Static IP for printer with wired connection

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I don't think the WRT54GL supports static IP's with the stock Linksys firmware.


The workaround is to assign the static IP to the printer. Most network printers support setting of a manual static IP address. The key is to set the static IP on the printer outside of the range the WRT54GL is using for its DHCP server. Log into your router's administration page and see what IP range it is using to hand out client IP addresses. Usually Linksys likes to start at and have 50 to 100 leases set aside so to avoid conflict you can use any IP in the range of through, or through After configuring the static IP on the printer you may need to reconfigure any of the print drivers already installed on client computers so they can connect to the new static IP on the printer.


See the HP user guide page 140 for how to manually change the 7210 printer's IP settings.


For example try using the following IP/Subnet Mask if your router is configured to use for its DHCP server setting:

Use the IP Address of:

Use Subnet Mask of:

Use Gateway:


To change the IP settings from the control panel

1. Press Setup.

2. Press 8, and then press 3.

This selects the Network Setup menu and then selects IP Settings.

3. Press until Manual appears, and then press OK.

4. Edit the IP Address, and then press OK.

5. Edit the Subnet Mask, and then press OK.

6. Edit the Default Gateway, and then press OK.

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Re: Static IP for printer with wired connection

Hi Bennor,


Many thanks for your answer it helped me very well. Smiley Very Happy

I set the address of the DHCP to start at and gave the printer a static IP of (same setting in my company-laptop). It works no problems anymore with wrong IP-addresses for the printer.