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Static IP questions

I have a WRT310N and wish to set up static IP addresses for my systems, so as to permit port forwarding on two PC's,  I read the FAQ's and think I understand what to do but I have a question.


I have 5 PC's networked 1 as my server using WHS, 4 others using XP Pro plus a DVR, these are hard wired to the router (I also use a switch).  Also an Xbox 360 sometimes joins the network when my son visits.


In addition using the wireless connection wireless are a MAC, a MAC time capsule, a WII and my company laptop from time to time.


It all works fairly well except for accessing the WHS server and for P2P which needs static IP to permit port forwarding or perhaps triggering.


The question is:


Do I turn DHCP off as suggested in most articles, when using fixed IP's or leave it on so the DVR (etc) can be still be given its internal IP's dynamically? I prefer the wireless devices to use dynamic IP since they change locations.


There is no way I can mess with my company laptop setup which I use both wired and wireless depending on task and I don't think I can access the DVR anyway.


I'm planning to use static IP's well distanced from the standard pool range.


So DHCP on or off?