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Trying to get 2 routers to talk to each other...

 This is a complicated setup, which is probably why I can't get the 2 routers to talk to each other...pls bear with me.
  My dad is into Ham Radio, and he does RTTY  (Radio TeleTYpe) with a computer-controller transceiver.  His radio room is out in the garage.  His main computer is in his bedroom in the house.  Distance between is about 40-50 yards.  He wants to connect thru the WRT54G router in the house to the BEFW11S4 router in the garage, and using VNC, control his Ham Radio stuff in the garage from inside the house.  Confused yet??  Me too.
  Problem is, I can't get the two routers to talk to each other.  In both cases, I can ping as far as the wireless router, but I can't ping from the house to the garage, or vice-versa.
 House:  Wrt54G v3 router -- (Static)  //  Set for open-system, no encryption or security, set for mixed B/G network.  Attached computer: (DHCP from router)
 Garage: BEFW11S4 Router -- (Static) // Set for open-system, no encryption or security. Attached computer: (DHCP from router)
 Both routers have the same SSID.  No firewalls in operation on the attached computers (they're 20 miles outside of town in the middle of nowhere, and the nearest neighbor is 1 mile away, hence the total lack of security).
  I've never tried to use two wireless routers in the same network.  Can anyone help me here??  Not a total newbie, but I am in over my head.  Help??  Pls??  Much thanx in advance...
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Re: Trying to get 2 routers to talk to each other...

It sounds like your dad and mine maybe buddies since they both have a ham radio set up.  On your BEFW11S4 make sure it has the latest firmware and make sure the DHCP on it is disabled.  Does the BEFW11S4 have a bridge or repeater mode?  Is running a cable between the two routers an option?  It sounds as if the distance between the two may be a bit to far (to many walls, electronics, etc.. etc..).  In order for the routers to talk to one another the BEFW11S4 needs to repeat the wireless signal from the WRT54G or bridge to it.  Basicly the BEF becomes a AP.  With the latest firmware you may have more options such as those.  I would recomend a WAP54G or any AP instead of a router. 
Richard Aichner (Ikester)