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UPnP Options

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Just a quick question,


For most Linksys Routers, UPnP has 3 options:


UPnP: Enabled/Disabled

Allow Users to Configure: Enabled/Disabled

Allow Users to Disable Internet Access: Enabled/Disabled


Question: What exactly is the "Internal" workings/functions of the 2nd two options.


If I am gaming on a PS3/Xbox360/PC and my application Specifically calls for UPnP such as Dungeon Siege, or Modern Warfare 2, or Halo 3 (Examples) Will "Disabling" those 2 other options have a negative effect on UPnP's capabilities of Automatically opening/closing ports for these 3 systems and their applications?


Or are these just really simply options that just enable/disable the "Manual" ability to force ports open/closed from within your Windows operating system, by visiting Network Neighborhood, etc. But won't affect the capabilities of the UPnP automatic functions?


I'm looking for something hopefully beyond the manual text, as it usually leaves important details pertaining to these kinds of issues out.

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Re: UPnP Options

What UPnp settings do you have on the router ?

Are you able to play games like Dungeon Siege, or Modern Warfare 2, or Halo 3 with your current router settings?


Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) allows Windows Me and XP to automatically configure the Router for various Internet applications, such as gaming and videoconferencing.

UPnP. If you want to use UPnP, keep the default setting, Enabled. Otherwise, select Disabled.

Allow Users to Configure. Select Disabled, if you don't want to be able to make manual changes to the Router while using the UPnP feature. Otherwise, keep the default setting, Enabled.

Allow Users to Disable Internet Access. Select Enabled, if you want to be able to prohibit any and all Internet connections. Otherwise, keep the default setting, Disabled.

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Re: UPnP Options

Thank you for the reply, but that was exactly what I asked people to please not post. I have read the manual, and copy/pasting that information wasn't helpful.


As many of the advanced computer geeks out there know, the manual is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of "Hidden" features/components to these options.


For example, everyone with adequate router knowledge knows you do NOT enable "Dmz" "port Forwarding" and "UPnP" together or in combination. However, the Manual, nor the Firmware prevents/explains that to the user.


So what I was wondering, do the last 2 options,

"Allow Users to Configure" and "Allow Users to Disable" by having those "Disabled" will it disrupt "UPnP's" capabilities of "Automatically" configuring systems.


There are a lot of options that have Undocumented side effects. I am trying to see if those are among them.

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Re: UPnP Options

I don't think disabling both the options other than UPnP will make any difference to UPnP capabilities.

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Re: UPnP Options

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Okay, so I did some extensive testing...


A huge reason why there are a ton of people out there who cannot get their Xbox360 or PS3 to work with UPnP is because you MUST have BOTH of these options "ENABLED" (If you are using the UPnP and not Port Forwarding, or DMZ)


UPnP = The option to use for "Multiple" gaming systems behind 1 Router.


So here it is:



UPnP = "Enabled"

Allow Users To Configure: "Enabled"


If the "Allow Users To Configure" is disabled, it PREVENTS the PS3/Xbox360 from utilizing UPnP's "Automatic" capabilities of configuring your ports for you.


Why would you "Enable" UPnP but "Disable" the "Allow Users To Configure" option?


Well, the "UPnP" option by itself, simply allows your network to "See" the devices. The second option, "Allow Users To Configure" is extremely misleading. Yes it does allow you to also "Manually" configure your UPnP ports if you wanted to, but it ALSO must be Enabled for UPnP to "Automatically" open/close ports on its own for you.


*Also, please be aware, that on some Routers "Multicast" traffic must be allowed for the Playstation and Xbox network to properly utilize UPnP and in order to access some features.


Security > "Filter Multicast" should be "Disabled = Unchecked" this "Allows" Multicast Traffic.

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Re: UPnP Options

hello. i'm new at this NAT / UPnP stuff, so can u show me how to 'open' my UPnP ???????????????????

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Re: UPnP Options

Open Internet Explorer


Username: "Blank" don't enter anything

Password: admin


Click "Administration"

Goto "UPnP" click "Enable"

Goto "UPnP, Allow Users To Configure" click "Enable"


Click "Save Settings" at the bottom

Click "Diagnostics"

Click "Reboot"

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Re: UPnP Options

i have tried that but it wont allow me to get past the password and username box

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Re: UPnP Options

This is interesting.

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Re: UPnP Options

Jakevg22 wrote:

i have tried that but it wont allow me to get past the password and username box

If it doesn’t accept the default username and password, it means you setup a different password for the router already. Use that password and do not put anything in the username box.