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Unable to access setup in WRV54G

For some time I have been unable to access the setup page.  This evening I checked the Default Gateway address which comes up  I tried turning off the windows firewall, my virus control program and an ad ware program but nothing seems to help.  I even turned the router off and disconnected the power supply for 60 seconds.  My internet connection through the router to my hughesnet satellite modem works fine and my Son's laptop communicates through the router to the internet.  Is the only answer to reset the router and will that solve my problem??
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Re: Unable to access setup in WRV54G

Have you tried accessing from the laptop you mentioned?  What happens when you do?  Don't reset it just yet as it will probably be a pain to get everything set up the way you like it.



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Re: Unable to access setup in WRV54G

That's one thing, have you tried accessing it on other computers already?
Resetting would set your router to default. It also may be getting an IP conflict but if that is the case, if you are going to reconfigure your router, try a different LAN IP address like just to make sure it is out of range. If you would still not be able to access it after the reset, you may opt to re-load your firmware.
The latest one is here
Use this tftp file to load the firmware
After reloading the firmware, you have to reset your router for about 30 secs. and reconfigure it for your Internet connection.
Try accessing it afterwards. Goodluck! Robot wink
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