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Unable to connect to router (wifi) on Smartphone (andorid, iPhone) - WRT120N



I recently purchased a WRT120n router to set up wifi in my house. I had installed the software and had the Wifi up and running. However, I am unable to connect to my wifi connection thru my cell phones. It does not connect to any of the smart-phones we have at home (Nexus S, iPhone 3G, )


The wifi connection is working on the laptops (Mac and Windows). Just not connecting to the phones.


Did I miss something while setting up the router.





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Re: Unable to connect to router (wifi) on Smartphone (andorid, iPhone) - WRT120N

You mentioned that you cannot connect to the network....that means it shows you the network name but unable to join the network or it does not shows the network name at all ?


But still You can try in changing the wireless channel on the router and diabling the firewall on the router that may help you..


Get into the setup page of the router with the help of the default gateway (i.e )

Go to the wireless tab and the change the wireless channel... You can try with channel 6 , 9 or 11 .

Once its done click on security tab and uncheck the option which says Filter Anonymous Internet Requests and disable SPI Firewall Protection .