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Upgrading the WRT54G...

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I'm going to upgrade my WRT54G wireless router to an e2000 Linksys router. How does the e2000 compare to the WRT54G? I've had years of great services from my WRT54G router, but it has been acting flaky lately even with the latest firmware available. Just curious how the e2000 compares to the WRT series. Thanks!

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Re: Upgrading the WRT54G...

For starters:

WRT54G is a G router with wireless speeds of up to 54 Mbps

E2000 is an N router with speeds of up to 300 Mbps


For detailed specs:
WRT54G: Data Sheet | Getting to know

E2000: Data Sheet | Getting to know


For user reviews in this forums, you can use the search function.

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Re: Upgrading the WRT54G...

here's a suggestion. you get the new router then use your old WRT54G as a cascaded Access Point to the new router. this way you have an extended wireless range in your area. Smiley Happy

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Re: Upgrading the WRT54G...

Using the WRT54g as a WAP is a good idea, but can it do it without firmware from a 3rd party? Will the factory firmware allow it to be configured as a WAP to an existing network?