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Use wire and wireless at same time

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My computer has wire and wireless network devices  together. Also I am using two WRT54G routers that one is conneted internet at next door and the other is in my office. Wire network is used to use internet and wireless is connected to use DVR(Digital Video Recorder). I know if I use one router with internet and DVR together, I wouldn't have any problem, but now I can't do that.
When I enable both network device, I can't use internet because the default is wire one which isnt' connect with internet. That's why I have to disable wire when I use internet.
What I ask you is I want use both at same time. That means when I want use internet, wire would be worked. Using DVR has no problem because wire is default.
How can I reach my goal?
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Re: Use wire and wireless at same time

How did you connect the two WRTs?