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Using Router for wireless dial-up connection

Can anyone tell me if I can use a router to set up a wireless network when I only have a dial-up internet connection available?
I have a desktop computer that seems not to have a wireless network card, so I guess I have to have that first.  Then, do I use a Router or an Access Point?  I have read many posts on the subject that are quite old so don't know what to use.
Any suggestions as to which models to use would be very helpful.  I have no idea what I'm doing!
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Re: Using Router for wireless dial-up connection

Then only way you can do this is to set up ICS (internet connection sharing) on the PC that is going to connect to the dail up and install a router or AP behind that from that PC's neywork card.  Then the other PC's can connect to the router/AP then to the gateway (PC running ICS). 
However, your connection speed would still be very slow.  I would recomend just calling your local ISP and look into a broadband (DSL/Cable) connection and connect a router (wireless or wired) to the modem (DSL or Cable) your ISP gives you.  That would save the head ache would would get configuring ICS.  Here is a link to use as a reference on setting that up.
Richard Aichner (Ikester)
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Re: Using Router for wireless dial-up connection

Thank you for the info.  I do not have high speed internet service available to me as I live out in the country and AT&T doesn't think we matter!  So, I'm stuck with slow dial-up or expensive satellite. 
My purpose is not to have both computers online at the same time but to be able to use my laptop wirelessly.  It is already set up with a wireless connection as I can use my printer, which is connected to my desktop PC,  wirelessly without any other equipment required.
I am trying to figure out if using a router will provide the same connectivity as an Access Point when using dial-up.  They seem to do the same thing for what I'm trying to accomplish.  Is that right?  Any benefits with one that the other doesn't offer?