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VPN connection Problem

I recently replaced my router with a Linksys WRT54G2. Internet connection is fine but I have a VPN connection problem through one of my software. Their Tech. support sent me the instruction of how to configure the Linksys router which I copied it below.
The language is a bit technical for me! Is anyone can help to setup my router.

A&L HERO* Advanced EDT Setup Information The normal requirement, for A&L HERO EDT, is to have a dial-up modem that is connected and functioning. If high-speed Internet is available, in your area, we can change your EDT connection to a high-speed VPN type configuration in A&L HERO. The connection is dependent on the security settings and if the high-speed connection is via a WAN, hospital network, secure connection or behind an administered firewall. A&L HERO doesn't handle communication directly, but simply issues a command to Windows to activate a network connection called HTNASYNC. The network connection (e.g. HTNASYNC) is usually a dial-up (or VPN) connection to the HTN server. Once a connection is established, the HERO transmission communicates with our server via TCP/IP. The following items must be configured for A&L HERO EDT to function correctly, via VPN Connection.

VPN Connection


B. Specific IP = for

C. Type of Connection: Automatic (Standard Windows-to-Windows PPTP VPN)

D. VPN Port(s): 1723 – TCP/UDP & 47 – IP


NOTE: PPP / VPN connection IP(s) to allow:,, HOSTS File (if required): HTNBOX00




1) You receive an "Error 718" or "Error 721" message when you try to establish a VPN connection through your Windows Server-based remote access server.

2) "Error 800" when you try to establish a VPN connection. Generally caused by Norton Internet Security, McAfee, Zone Alarm or some other type of software based firewall application. It can also occur if the Internet connection is not available, or if the connection is being blocked from an outside source (hospital network, server administration, etc…)

3) For basic local LAN/WAN (home/office network) routers (I.e. Belkin, Linksys, SMC, D-Link, etc…) please check the following to ensure a stable EDT connection with A&L HERO* (ONLY ADJUST IF NEEDED/APPLICABLE)

A. Router Firewall/Security blocking VPN traffic (make sure the VPN connections is not blocked)

B. VPN pass-through must be enabled

C. IPSec may need to be enabled

D. UPNP may need to be enabled

E. Configuration of Intrusion Detection (if applicable)

Hardware Issues


Our PPTP VPN connection requires TCP / UDP port 1723 and IP port 47 open for the General Routing Encapsulation (GRE) protocol. We’ve seen numerous issues with LINKSYS WRT54GS routers (and others in the WRT54 model line-up). Some of these routers seem to prevent VPN access or have problems and / or deficiencies with VPN port access. A&L Computer Software Limited does not offer expertise with router/hub configurations. Your hardware technician may need to use port forwarding or some other method to correct problems with VPN access on LINKSYS routers (note: it is possible that the same issue may occur with other types of routers).
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Re: VPN connection Problem

Try to configure the software as recommended by software provider. The required settings are enabled by default on the router, however you'll need to forward ports on the router.
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Re: VPN connection Problem


Thanks for your advise, here is some more info. For you :

The software is already configured. Everything was working fine with an SMC router until it died which I had to replace it with this Linksys one. That was the time trouble started. I was told to do as follows :

VPN port 1723 for TCP

UDP port 47 for IP

VPN Pass through

File transmit Start

Which it has to be done in the router . So far I Found "VPN Pass through" in the router but I don't know where I can set the other 3 requirements and how?

Do you know where?



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Re: VPN connection Problem

All these options are enabled by default on the router check the security and administration tabs.
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Re: VPN connection Problem

The port forwarding is under the Applications & Gaming then Port Range Forward. The application filed can be anything you want to remind you what the port is for. The start is the beginning range of port numbers. For VPN enter port 1723 to 1723, select both for protocol, the ip address is where you want the incoming VPN packets to be sent to..or rather the IP address of your computer hosting the VPN. Then click on enable to activate it.


Hope this helps with the forwarding part.

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Re: VPN connection Problem

Thank you so much for your help.

Zoro Smiley Happy

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Re: VPN connection Problem

Help me, please, define VPN connection.

I have x3000 router, and I defined on one of my PCs openvpn server. But I cannot connect to it from out IP.  What I need define in my router and where.

Sorry, but I have not any background in networking, I just need connect to my home network sometimes.



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Re: VPN connection Problem

@ybt, ask your network administrator for the ports that needs to be opened on your router for vpn to work. You can also refer to this link: for more information about vpn.