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Registered: ‎07-13-2009

Voltage for WRT54G power cord?

I moved, have the router but lost the power cord.  Rather than buying a new router I wanted to know the transformer DC voltage of the router so I can find a replacment cord.  I can't find any documentation on-line that tells me this info.    Thanks
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Re: Voltage for WRT54G power cord?

The power supplies use 12 volts DC. You can use a universal up to at leat 1 Amp on the router.
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Re: Voltage for WRT54G power cord?

Power specification depends on the Hardware version of the WRT54G Router.

WRT54G            5V 2A
WRT54G V1.1   12V 1A
WRT54G V2      12V 1A
WRT54G V2.2   12V 1A
WRT54G V3      12V 1A
WRT54G V3.1   12V 1A
WRT54G V4      12V 1A
WRT54G V5      12V 0.5A
WRT54G V6      12V 0.5A