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WDS for T-Mobile@home Router

I recently signed up for the T-mobile@home phone service, and with it they supply you with a Linksys WRTU54G-TM router, with 2 telephone ports (VOIP service) as well as the usual ethernet ports.  I already had a Linksys WRT54GS router connected to my downstairs setup (wired connection to xbox, wireless for laptop downstairs, wireless for PC upstairs.)  Now, I live in a historic house, with very thick walls and many of them, so the signal from the router to the upstairs PC is always very weak.  I can't move the router closer, as I use it downstairs with the xbox.  So I was doing some research, and I learned about WDS, which would allow me to set my old router at a point in between the PC and the T-mobile router, and thereby improve the signal.  And in that comes my question.  Neither router has wds built into the firmware, and therefore I would have to flash them both.  Now, first of all, how do I go about doing that?  And secondly, and perhaps more importantly, IF I flash the T-mobile router, will it have an adverse effect on the VOIP functions of the device?  Thanks to all who take the time to respond.
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Re: WDS for T-Mobile@home Router

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I can not speak to the wds question and service, but can offer the obvious work around by using a powerline adepter to extend service to your second floor.


This is a link and many companies make solutions in this space.


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Re: WDS for T-Mobile@home Router

Since you already have a router configured and working fine, you can just connect the second router with the first one and place at a distance so that you upstair computer can receive good signal.