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WKPC54G Hard Reset

I was having intermittent problems only using my wireless access to my laptop but not wireline, so I decided unfortunately to press the hard reset button on the back of the router.  Now I am totally hosed.... Smiley Sad  
When trying to follow the initial setup instructions, from my PC browser, now it will not allow me to "save settings".  I get a pop-up login screen when I try to "save settings".  When I try to login again using the default User Name as empty and enter the default password, admin it claims its invalid and no data can be saved.  I am I doing something wrong or did my Linksys go bad?  I have had it for at least 14 months.
I can not even get the wire line to work anymore, so no wireline router or wireless router.  A real bummer.
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Re: WKPC54G Hard Reset

In order to try to recover your router, the first thing to do is to try to reset the router to factory defaults.  To do this:
1)  Power down all computers, the router, and the modem, and unplug them from the wall.
2)  Disconnect all wires from the router.
3)  Power up the router and allow it to fully boot (1-2 minutes).
4)  Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds, then release it, then let the router reset and reboot (2-3 minutes).
5)  Power down the router.
6)  Connect one computer by wire to port 1 on the router (NOT to the internet port).
7)  Power up the router and allow it to fully boot (1-2 minutes).
8)  Power up the computer (if the computer has a wireless card, make sure it is off).
9)  Try to ping the router.  To do this, click the "Start" button > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.  A black DOS box will appear.  Enter the following:  "ping"  (no quotes), and hit the Enter key.  You will see 3 or 4 lines that start either with "Reply from ... " or "Request timed out."   If you see "Reply from ...", your computer has found your router.
10)  Open your browser and point it to  This will take you to your router's login page.  Leave the user name blank, then in the password field, enter "admin"  (with no quotes).  This will take you to your router setup page.  Note the version number of your firmware (usually listed near upper right corner of screen).  Exit your browser.
If you get this far without problems, try the setup disk, and see if you can get your router set up and working.  When you get to the password prompt in setup, be sure to leave the user name blank.
If this does not fix your problem, then report back with your results, including any error messages, and the firmware version number if you have it.  Also report back the status of your router lights.
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Re: Router reset

i accidentally pressed reset on my router nd nnow i have no internet access. i did the whole ping thing and i got 2 it ok but i dont have a setup disk anymore..what do i do now?

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Re: WKPC54G Hard Reset

Please state the model number of your router.

Please state the make and exact model number of your modem.

Please state your ISP.

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Re: WKPC54G Hard Reset

keeps asking for password credential, I followed the process multiple times.

model E2000