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WKPC54G network for notebooks

I bought the wkpc54g network kit for notebooks and think i have misplaced the ac adapter. I have an adapter that i thought was the original but when i contacted live support they said it was the wrong one. I was giving them the model number off of the router (wrk54g) not the one on the box (wkpc54g) Inside of the kit is a wrk54g router without a version number and they kept saying the ac adapter was the wrong one. The only way they i could get a response was to list it as a wrk54g version 1 instead of one without a version number. To make a long story short if you bought the network kit and have a wrk54g without a version number and the original ac adapter will you please check and see what your power supply says. The one that i have says: OEM adapter Model NO.: AD-0980l Input: 120VAC 60Hz 14W Output: 9VDC 800mA I am almost positive that this is the same one that came with it when i bought it a while back, (it has been sitting in the original box with cd, & instruction manual for a little while and i have been using my roommates. I have moved out and need to use my router but don't won't to damage it. It will power the router but on the bottom of the router it says 12v 1A but the ac cord i have says 12v 800mA. linksys says the power supply isn't the right one and to buy another one but won't sell me one or replace it since it is out warranty. Thanks in advance
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Re: WKPC54G network for notebooks

You can use any adapter with an output of 12VDC 0.5 A rating