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WKPC54G - set up fine, next morning no connection

Hello and thank you in advance for your help.  Yesterday I purchased the WKPC54G notebook bundle.  I set up the router with the CD with no problem (XP Home System / ComCast Cable modem).  I was out on the Internet while sitting at the PC (no speed problems).  Then I was able to connect my TiVo to the PC wirelessly (was able to view pictures on my tv that reside on my PC) via a USB Linksys access point (plugged into the TiVo box).  This morning the PC had no Internet access.  All LED lights were off on the WKPC54G other than the power.  Is this an known problem?  I powered off both the modem and the WKPC54G, but it would not connect after I plugged them back in.  I plugged the cable modem directly to the PC with a patch cable and went out to the Internet fine.  Any help would be great!
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Re: WKPC54G - set up fine, next morning no connection

ensure that the cable modem is connected to the router's internet port and the computer to the LAN port 1 ...
check whether the lights lit up properly .. if not , hold the reset button on the router for 30 seconds... and do a power cycle...