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WRK54G help

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I have a WRK54G that I purchased about 3 or 4 years ago. I had it connected to a Linksys Etherfast cable modem. A few days ago I went with the Cox bundle so now I have a Motorola SBV5220 cable modem. The problem is when I try to hook the WRK54G up to the Motorola cable modem I lose my internet connection???
What is the proper hook up procedure?
Should everything be off?
How exactly should the cables be run?
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Re: WRK54G help

First upgrade the firmware on the router and try these steps .Access the setup page of the router by launching an Browser and type on the address bar, and press enter. When it prompts for the username and password, leave the username field empty and provide password as "admin" (Without quotes)
click on ok. On the main setup page the ""Internet Connection Type"" should be
on ""Obtain IP Automatically - DHCP “. Click on the Save Settings button.
Now click on the sub tab ""MAC address clone"". - Click on enable
Click Clone & click save settings Check WAN Ip on Status page of router ....
If getting Valid Ip .... try going onlineIf not ... power cycle for 4-5 minutes & then again check the WAN Ip address .....
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Re: WRK54G help

At the risk of asking a dumb question..............what are the steps to upgrading the firmware on the router??


Also, I tried as you mentioned and no site was found. I found this address and tried it. I got the two boxes and left the username empty and typed admin in the password box and after a second the boxes show back up empty??


Thanks for the help!!

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Re: WRK54G help

how do u upgrade firmware for a wrk54g? problem is, my linksys router