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I have a WRK54G router and a NTL cable modem. When I try to connect to a radio station such as the BBC radio my modem freezes up but when I connect with a direct connection from my modem to the computer everything is fine. Can anyone help?
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Re: WRK54G

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I tried to connect to the BBC radio.   The website wanted me to install the "Windows Media Player 6.4 shim" in order to work.  This is apparently an active X control.  I did not agree to installing the control, so the BBC radio would not play.
Microsoft says that this "shim" is no longer recommended.  In my opinion, the web site should update its software, and then the "shim" would not be required.  The current version of Windows Media Player is 11, so apparently the BBC has not updated at least some of their software in a long time.
Perhaps the router firmware is not compatible with this outdated shim.

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Re: WRK54G

Are you using firmware 1.58.03? Have you already tried re-flashing this fw and resetting the router? Does this only happen when there are a lot of computers connecting to the site you gave? I was having this problem but I seem to have made it working somehow after re-flashing the firmware. I mentioned somehow because it would still not work on some sites such as Smiley Indifferent