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WRT110 behind a Cisco ASA in DMZ

I would like to place a WRT110 for guest use in our DMZ so they may get out to the internet and access our DMZ servers but not see our internal network.


I've plugged our WRT110 (non-internet port) into a port on our DMZ switch which is connected to your DMZ port on our Cisco ASA 5510.


Not sure how to go about this????  The WRT110 does not seem to support brided mode but then again I don't think I need it.  I simply want the WRT110 to act as a wireless access point and hand out DCHP addresses.


Any idea?  Many thanks for any help.



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Re: WRT110 behind a Cisco ASA in DMZ

The WRT110 can't hand out DHCP addresses if you want to use it as access point.

1. Wire a computer to the WRT110.
2. Open the web interface.
3. On the main setup page, change the LAN IP address from to a free IP address in your DMZ subnet.
4. On the same page, turn off the DHCP server.
5. Save settings.
6. Unplug the computer and wire one of the numbered LAN ports to your DMZ.

The ASA or any other freely configurable DHCP server has to hand out DHCP IP addresses. The WRT would always use itself as default gateway, i.e. expect you to have an internet connection through the internet port.