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WRT1200AC - Nest disconnects and Smart plugs (TP-Link) not connecting

I have had the WRT1200AC for about a year now. It has been pretty smooth sailing for the most of it, until the last 2-3 weeks. I have had random issues with my smart home devices.


- The Nest thermostat (2nd Gen) disconnects randomly. I can control it through the app and Google home every now and then. 

- TP-Link Kasa smart plugs. I have two HS100 and two HS110 plugs. 1 of each plug refuses to connect to the router. The funny thing is they are the ones closest (about 3 feet)


Any idea why this is happening and more importantly why it is been happening only since the past 3 weeks? I have had the same setup for over a year and it has worked just fine. 


Thank you!


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Re: WRT1200AC - Nest disconnects and Smart plugs (TP-Link) not connecting

Try to enter the settings section of the Nest thermostat, but do not make any changes. The Nest should reconnect to the router by itself. If the issue still persists, we'll have this taken care of by our 2nd Level Support Team for further diagnosis. Please email us at along with the following details:

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