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WRT120N Weak signal in down floor!

I have Cisco Linksys WRT120N Router.. It have perfect signal range on current floor but it has weak signal reaching on downward floor.

in downward floor the signal reaching is good only in one room because on top of that room is where Router is there .. Please advise me should i buy Cisco Signal Expander or Wireless Acess Point.. Please advise the best one with model number and also tell me what difference b/t both!



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Re: WRT120N Weak signal in down floor!

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As you have a N series router I would suggest you go for the access point  WAP4410N because you can use this device as a Access Point and like a range expander in the repeater mode. The difference between the two devices that you can use Access point in Client mode  and Repeater mode both but WRE54G (Range Expander) will work like a signal expander.

Posts: 5
Registered: ‎04-05-2010

Re: WRT120N Weak signal in down floor!

is there is any N series for WRE?


or will it work with my wrt120N series signal to expand signal ?


what difference b/t N series n G series...