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WRT120N just won't reset

I'm seriously starting to get a headache. Urgh. Sorry if this question has been asked before. I've searched for a few hours now. 

I'm trying to reset this router back to its original form (pass: admin (?)) but the ''hold the reset button for 45 seconds and unplug for 30 seconds'' just doesn't seem to work. When I try to install with the CD it just keeps saying that I have to reset it. 


In short, how do you reset the WRT120N? Are the lights suppose to blink to indicate that you're done holding the reset bottom?


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Re: WRT120N just won't reset

Make sure the router is powered ON. Then Press+Hold the Reset button of your router for 30secs first. (Reset is found on the back panle of your router, you have to use a pen or a paper clip to press the button) For the LED's if the power blinking that indicates that the router is being reseted and then powercycle the router for only 30secs.


If the Power LED won't blink Press+Hold the Reset Button for 1min and then Powercycle the router for another 1min. Then check the IP address of your PC then try accessing your router's UI( and use admin as your password.


Another thing to be safe make sure that you don't have any firewalls enabled if you are goind to access the router's UI.



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Re: WRT120N just won't reset

If you are trying to configure your Router using the Linksys Router setup disk, you can exit from the setup and configure the settings on your Router manullay.


First Press and hold the reset button for 60 seconds...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your router, wait for 60 seconds and re-connect the power cable...Now re-configure your router...


If your Internet Service Providor is Cable follow this link

If your Internet Service Providor is DSL follow this link

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Re: WRT120N just won't reset

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Checked with Linksys by Cisco Chat support and, if your router won't reset after a NAT change then your stuffed.   You have to return the product to the vendor from where it was purchased.


Very sad for those that might change NAT setting AFTER the 1 year warranty.






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Re: WRT120N just won't reset

Been there and got home.


I changed the NAT settings on a WRT120n. The router then refused to allow me into the http setup page and would not respond to the reset button even after a minute of holding it in. Firmware version 1.1.01. Pre the reset button fix. Oh dear, I now have an expensive bookend or paperweight.



Powered the router up while holding the reset button.

After a 30 sec the router comes up into the boot loader.

It is then possible to connect to the boot loader using

The boot loader allows the firmware to be upgraded.

Get firmware 1.0.04 from the cisco site and upgrade.

Power cycle the router and allow to come up.

When it is fully up, press and hold the reset button for 5 sec only (as described in the user manual)

The leds flash.

Power cycle the device and the router is now reset.



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Re: WRT120N just won't reset

I tried to upgrade the firmware and the reset works after that... Thank god..

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Re: WRT120N just won't r

After "upgrade" to firmware 1.0.04 all 802.11n functions go out the window. It is then just a 802.11g router. Not good. Not clever. I have read on this site that firmware 1.0.02 fixes the reset problem and keeps the n funtions but this firware is not offically suported. I decided that I'd had too many problems with this lemon and so returned it for a refund. Also discovered that the router is not 802.11n compliant.

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Re: WRT120N just won't reset

you are the best! thanks you

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Re: WRT120N just won't reset

Use WireShark to know the ip router, after that go to that ip route address via brouser (but before go to the router address, please use another ip that same subnet with the ip route). then you can see the effect of button reset.

thrust me, i got the headache before that...

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Re: WRT120N just won't reset

hi everyone...


just went trough the same problem as everyone else... old firmware, lost password, reset button not working.




1. power on the router while holding the reset button. (the router boots but just the power LED is on)

now, when i connect the cable to port #1 the LED for port #4 is on


2. connect the cable to port #4 (the LED for port #1 in on)


3. open a browser window and go to the default IP adress of the router ( if you haven't changed it)

a window that asks you to upload a firmware opens up. navigate to the location of the lates firmware you downloaded 


4. restart the router using the restart button present on the same page


5. now the reset button on the back of the router works.


6. proceed to reset the router and enjoy...