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WRT160N Dropping Wireless Connection.

Hey, I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on a problem I've been having. I just recent bought a WRT160N as an upgrade to my old D-Link DI-514, I wanted to have faster wireless speeds. My new router does have much faster speeds, but the wireless connection keeps dropping. When this happens no computers can connect through the wireless, and I have to physically powercycle the router. Sometimes it will completely freeze up and not even allow wired users to access anything. There are only two computers connected to it, and I was wondering if anybody has experienced a similar problem?

One possibility I have consired is that it cannot support the number of current connections I have open at the time, but I find that hard to beleive considering my old el cheapo router had no problem handling the same thing. Does anybody know the number of connections it can handle at once?

I'm pretty sure it's not an interference issue, I've tried lots of different channel options, and when I've seen interference problems before it wouldn't lock up the whole router.

My current configurations are as follows:

WAP2 Personal,DHCP,MAC Filters,VPN enabled,three applications port forwarded(to wirelss PC), and everything else is default.
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Re: WRT160N Dropping Wireless Connection.

You can perform a firmware upgrade @
1.Once the firmware upgrade is done you will need to perform a factory reset, by holding in the reset button for 30 seconds which is located on back of the router. Wait about 2-3minutes while the router syncs back up.
The factory reset will erase all previous settings so you may want to access the router and write down your settings.
2. The other option is to use a third party firmware like DD-WRT @ 
Many other users have reported many fixes with using this firmware and having more options as well but you are on your own if something goes wrong as this is not supported by linksys. Something to look into.
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Re: WRT160N Dropping Wireless Connection.

Yeah I checked the firmware according to the site I've got the newest update, I was looking into DD-WRT I think I might have to give that a try, thanks for your help Smiley Wink
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Re: WRT160N Dropping Wireless Connection.

Say, have you found a resolution to the WRT160N dropping connections?  Based on this forum, it is an obvious defect.  Has Linksys or that 3rd party vendor provided any hope?
I'd like to keep all of my Linksys hardware, but this latest WRT160N is a massive dissapointment.
Thank you,
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Re: WRT160N Dropping Wireless Connection.

The linksys wrt160N dropped the internet connection.........
Oftenly my WRT160N is losing connection to all wired and wireless computers in my house (2 wired, 1 wireless).
Means I cannot connect to internet

My solution:
- only use the linksys wrt160N as an accespoint : don't use the internet port on the router !!!
 ONLY USE THE Ethernet ports (1, 2, 3, 4) for ALL your network traffic
- disable DHCPserver on the wrt160N

The DHCP server/internetport causes the problems on the wrt160n, so the router dropped the wired/wireless internetconnection).
The DHCP server on the modem/router works good, "he is the boss in your network"  : disable the dhcp-server on the linksys wrt160N, it can conlict anymore and don't want to be the boss anymore in your network.
One DHCP-boss in your network is enought !

router ip =
DHCP server --> disabled  (don't forget !!)

Wireless: Manual
network mode = Wireless-G only ( my laptop has G ... and no N)
Networkname (SSID) = PIETJE&puk (example)
standard channel = 11 - 2.462GHZ (no conflicts with my DECTphone anymore)
SSID broadcast = disabled

access restictions= permit PC's ....
mac adres list = < wireless macadres laptop/pc >

router password = THis&4evER (example of storng passowrd )
(wireless)remote access = disabled

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Re: WRT160N Dropping Wireless Connection.

(I'm posting this reply in multiple threads to document what I think is the problem)


schagerneesie, thanks for offering a solution, but I'm unable to use it for my network setup. I've got a few devices on the network that aren't able to set a static IP address and rely on a DHCP server to obtain it.


I bought my router and it was loaded with 2.0.2 build 8 of the firmware. After an upgrade to 2.0.2 build 11 I'm also experiencing connection dropping. The devices are still connected to the intranet, but DNS is no longer working. I can access my router via a web browser, but is unable to resolve. Unplugging the router to reset it is the only way I can get it working, but the situation can reoccur shortly after.


It's interesting to note that my wired connection to the router is also experiencing this issue.