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WRT160N Router Factory Settings reset

can anyone tell me how to reset my router to factory settings so i can install it on a new computer

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Re: WRT160N Router Factory Settings reset

kdefordd66, Welcome to the Cisco Home Community.


Check this link.

Resetting the Linksys Router to Factory Default.


Dont forget to browse thru the topics in the knowledge base as well.



The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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Re: WRT160N Router Factory Settings reset

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Follow this simply step to factory reset Linksys wrt1160n.. Just press & hold the router reset button at least 20 sec. just the back side of the router to reset its to factory mode. Now it is ready for a new setting. So every time when you forget the password, and you are not able to get back it or reset it , just do the same procedure as I already mentioned above; whatever router or operating system you're using. Thanks, Rich Ask any question related with Cisco/Linksys system, I am always available on this Cisco Community for help


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