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WRT160N V3 - Using the wireless router as an access point on a switch

Before beginning, my WRT160N has the latest firmware version (v3.0.03 build 003 Jun 15, 2010).


We have a server machine configured with Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2. The server has 2 network cards: in one card we plug the cable modem, so the internet connection is plugged directly to the server; and the another network card we use to plug the server to a switch (3Com OfficeConnect Dual Speed Switch 16 - 3C16792B). All the other computers are wired to this switch, and we've configured the Routing and Remote Access service on the server to act as a NAT router, so all computers plugged to the switch can share the internet connection.


Then we bought this wireless router (Linksys WRT160N V3) and our wish was to plug it to the switch, as an access point, and be able to share the internet connection and to access the local network through a wireless connection. We've tried a lot of things, a lot of configuration options but it wasn't working. Actually, it worked sometimes, but the wireless connection was unstable. It worked one day and the other day when we arrived at the office, it wasn't working anymore. Sometimes it stopped working while we were using it.


So, one day it finally started working, in a stable way (unfortunately, we didn't documented what we did to achieve this, we had made so many tries and it suddenly just worked). And it worked well for weeks, but we still had problems now and then. For example, when we had a power failure or an internet connection failure, sometimes the wireless router would come back not working, and would only start working again after a few hours (by itself, as strange as it can sounds).


But recently, after a long internet connection failure, the wireless router never came back. Now, after some weeks waiting to see if it would return from the dead, I'm trying to reconfigure it again. I've tried some configuration options already but nothing worked. I've tried also to follow this article here:


How To Convert a Wireless Router into an Access Point


but without success (it's strange, but when the wireless router did work, we were using the Internet/WAN port, not one of the 4 LAN ports). So, I'd like to know what are we doing wrong? What are the steps to achieve what we want?


I'm running out of ideas here, so, I would appreciate any help a lot.





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Re: WRT160N V3 - Using the wireless router as an access point on a switch

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I'm starting to think that something just "broke" at my router... or maybe there's a problem with the latest firmware versions that I've installed on it.


Because I'm using a notebook to setup the router, a notebook plugged only to the router, via (RJ45) cable, and until yesterday I was doing like this: configured the router, unplugged from the notebook, plugged the router to the switch, tested from another notebook with the wireless card on.


But today I've tried something different. I've reset the router (for the hundredth time) and tried to connect to its wireless signal from my second notebook, but while the router was still plugged to the first notebook, not to the switch. And I just let the factory default options, SSID as "linksys" and no password.


Even that way I have the same problem... I can see the wifi connection from my second notebook, and the wireless signal is excellent, but when I try to connect to it, it fails ("Windows cannot connect to linksys" message) and if I try to 'solve the problem', Windows suggests that I "disconnect or turn off the device".


What could cause such a problem?

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Re: WRT160N V3 - Using the wireless router as an access point on a switch

You can follow the steps on this link and you should be able to configure your router in an cascading mode.

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Re: WRT160N V3 - Using the wireless router as an access point on a switch

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I think that our Linksys WRT160N router is definitely dead. I've tried testing it in a very simple scenario: just plugged it to a notebook, and also plugged it to the internet cable modem, and left all the default settings. On the other notebook I could see the wireless signal, and the signal was excellent, but, still I could not connect to that wireless connection.


So, I realized that I needed to buy a new device, and then I realized that I didn't need a router, because our windows server already act as a router, what I needed was just an access point (at that time I didn't know of the existence of devices that act just as an access point).


Then, we bought a D-Link DAP-2553. We've installed it yesterday and it worked since the beginning. We only have to adjust some things to improve the speed, because this new connection started a little slower than the previous (after some changes it already improved a little, and we'll try some more improvements), but in spite of that, it's working like a charm.