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WRT160N V3 has serioius DNS issues

I am encountering very odd browsing errors when using this router. URLS are being redirected to the wrong IP addresses.

Many urls are affected, but major ones are... goes to goes to someone's myspace page. (hasn't updated in a long time) goes to someone's blogger account. (hasn't updated in a long time)

I have tested these errors on 3 different computers, each with different browsers.

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome.

I have run antivirus, checked our firewall settings and log, run anti-adware/malware. No results. We scan weekly. I tried removing my AV and firewall, but it still goes weird.
I tested the error without this router between the computer and modem. We are able to access all websites fine.
I shut down of the router for 1 minute.
The firmware is up to date.  
the wireless has WPA personal security, but once in, the login for the router is still the default. I will change that asap, but what is causing these URL redirects. None of the URLs I am being redirected to have malicious software or even spam/ads.
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Re: WRT160N V3 has serioius DNS issues

Who is your Internet Sevice Provider ?


Some time there is an option on the modem where if you conect any device like router,acess point to will redirect the website.So you can check for that option on your Modem.


One more solution is...Connect the computer to the Modem and check for the DNS andf put those DNS to the Router setup page under setup tab and check if it works for you... 

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Re: WRT160N V3 has serioius DNS issues

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I am having this same problem too . My ISP is comcast. I did not have this problem on previous routers.

This happens on multiple computers and flushing the dns cache on the host doesn;t clear the incorrect entry, it just eventually rights itself but is a royal PITA.


WRT160N v3 latest firmware. 


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Re: WRT160N V3 has serioius DNS issues

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I'm having the same problem, and it seems to be getting worse. I need to reboot the router for it to reset itself. It happens with a hardwire connection or wireless connection. My ISP is AT&T DSL. 


The problem started when I switched to the WRT160N V3  from a D-Link DI-655


I installed the latest firmware yesterday and it has not corrected the problem. 

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Re: WRT160N V3 has serious DNS issues

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I have a similar problem.


I'm 14 years old and live with a 12 year old sister, a 45 year old dad, and a 48 year old mom. And I"m the one who knows the most about computers and Networking. SO whenever there is a problem, it's always my fault somehow. And I'm in Deep trouble right now.


All I wanted to do today was get the wii to recognize the router's signal. So I decided to hit the reset button on the back of our WRT160N v3. Well, ever since then, yes, the wii notices the signal, but now, the router won't recognize that it's connected to the internet (I'm plugged into the modem right now). It will pop up for about 2 seconds that there is internet but then it just disconnects. Please help, I've updated the router, everything.


PLEASE HELP. NObody in our house has internet but here!


Oh yeah, and we have Road runner. it's

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Re: WRT160N V3 has serious DNS issues

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I am having the same issue. Tested with 2 desktops and 3 laptops both wired and wireless.Powercycled both the modem and router, reset to faculty default, updated firmware.


This is really bad. I teach 3rd graders a computer class and we use this router.  Imagine what would happen if a site suddenly redirects to a porn site?


Would I be able to hold Linksys liable for having a router that sends third graders to porn sites? As well as getting me fired and my entire career ruined?


By Monday I need this fixed or a new router, which I can't afford and my school won't pay for. 



Problem sites:


Google goes to askjeeves (I've NEVER gone to askjeeves on my computer before this)

Facebook goes to a google ads account or myspace. (I've NEVER gone to myspace on my computer before this)

Twitter goes to a blogger account


and about 10 other websites having issues.


I have Roadrunner.



Can someone post an image of the DNS options on the router? I can't find any. 

The closest th ing to DNS on any of the tabs or in any of the tabs is DDNS





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Re: WRT160N V3 has serious DNS issues

Having the exact same problem with my WRT160N V3 (firmware 3.0.02). My ISP is Cox. I think we can rule out the ISP as a cause of this problem.





  • Facebook goes to MySpace (specifically, my Facebook home page goes to which is not the landing page at MySpace but rather the user page of a person who cleverly took "home.php" as his MySpace URL.)




  • Twitter goes to Blogger.




  • Last night, took me to Verizon Wireless ( I'm not even a Verizon Wireless customer and I had never seen before.




  • And tonight, my browser halted access to a page at one of my banking websites because it was in secure https mode and it detected the discrepancy in the IP addresses associated with the bank's SSL certificate after the WRT160N gave my browser an IP address for instead!



That last example has me concerned about security. What happens when someone sets up a phishing site on one of these IPs?

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Re: WRT160N V3 has serious DNS issues

It's likely that the problem in part or in whole is because the WRT160N is acting as a DNS proxy (and perhaps as a cache), as evident by the fact that the WRT160N is assigning its own IP as the primary DNS in the DHCP configuration it sends to connected PCs. In theory this is a nice feature for a router to slightly speed things up. But it is apparently broken, and broken in a big way. I'm still trying to figure out how it is possible for a bug to cause DNS requests for to come back with IP addresses that belong to


I've just configured the TCP/IP on my PC to not automatically obtain DNS server addresses, instead I put in my ISP's servers manually. We'll see if this bypasses the problem.

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Re: WRT160N V3 has serious DNS issues



Everything has been absolutely trouble-free since I manually took the router address out of my DNS server list two days ago. I'm satisfied that the DNS proxy dis-service that is built into the WRT160N v3 is entirely responsible for the screwy DNS issues described above.


It's bad enough when a DNS query fails to resolve, but at least the outcome is 404s, blank webpages, or red-X broken graphics everywhere. But when DNS returns an IP that is ENTIRELY WRONG, such that a query for returns the IP of and we end up on the WRONG SITE (a true example experienced by more than one of us), that is not just a failure, it's a security vulnerability as dangerous as a hacked Hosts file. LinksysByCisco needs to do more than just take it seriously, they need to FIX IT.


In the meantime, I suggest everyone take these steps to work around the problem:

1) Open a commant prompt and run IPCONFIG /ALL . Notice that your active network adapter shows your WRT160N's address (mine is is listed as the first DNS server. This is the problem and we are about to do something about it.

2) You should also see at least two more DNS server addresses following the router's address. If not, then log into your router and go to the Status page and look at the DNS servers listed there.

3) In Windows, go to your network adapter settings and edit its TCP/IP properties as follows:

4) Change the DNS from automatic to manual, and enter the two DNS servers from step 2. Do not include your router's address here! (Optional: if you have more than two DNS servers then you can click the Advanced button to add them to the DNS list.)

5) Apply/OK all the changes, then run IPCONFIG /ALL again to confirm that your router's address is no longer in the list of DNS servers.

6) Enjoy the wonders of the internet thanks to DNS that works as expected.

7) Wonder when Linksys is going to fix it.

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Re: WRT160N V3 has serioius DNS issues

I suggest manually changing the dns server in your router to a specific server called

Open Dns: and   


Do it again for your personal computer.  Manually add it to your wireless or wired adapter.  Go to properties and change the property of the ipv4 for the device.  Then manually change the dns.