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WRT160N behind 2Wire 3801HGV

Please bare in mind that I am not 100% fluent in IP addressing schemes. So any input/advice/corrections are appreciated.


Scenario: I have a 2Wire 3801 HGV modem/router providing DHCP on / (I cannot disable the DHCP, as AT&T requires static IP package to do this). I have a WRT160N ( connected to a LAN port on the 2Wire 3801HGV. On the WRT160N LAN side I have Server 2008 (currently off w/ DHCP currently disabled), and 2 PC's. The PC's are picking up respectively from the 2Wire.


My ultimate goal is to setup NAT to push internet traffic to the LAN side of the WRT, but not letting the DHCP addresses pass through to the PC's from the 2Wire. I want my server to provide DHCP. I am just at a loss on the correct topology to use here. I have attempted to setup a static route in the Advanced Routing Section of the WRT but it is simply not working. I get 'Invalid Static Route'. I would like to get my server setup on a network range of / (server being at


Any ideas where to start?

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Re: WRT160N behind 2Wire 3801HGV

So basically your Modem is acting like a Router. So basically you want to make your WRT work as a switch and your server will handle the DHCP. So you need to connect the 2Wire modem to the linksys Router on the LAN Port, not on the Internet port. To cascade this both the routers you can follow this link.