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WRT160Nv3 connection speed gradually slows...

I have a WRT160Nv3 router connected to a CM100 modem.  I noticed that over time, perhaps a day or more, the connection speed slows.  Usually, unplugging the router for a while then starting it up again restores the speed as per my cable company's speed test.  I have called the cable company and their tech support reports a good signal to the house.  Anyone having similar issues?  Any ideas?

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Re: WRT160Nv3 connection speed gradually slows...

Are you getting the connection problem on the wired computer or on the wireless computer...?


Try to reduce the MTU to 1350 and click on save settings...Now,power cycle the router and check.

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Re: WRT160Nv3 connection speed gradually slows...

Bringing this back to life...exact same problem for me.


My connection is 7Mbps. After power cycling I'll get that but then the next day it'll start to drop and before I know it it'll be less than 1Mbps. This is a wireless connection. 1 laptop has a b/g/n card, and another a b/g so I think I read somewhere that it'll slow to the slowest one.


"Try to reduce the MTU to 1350" could anyone elaborate a little. Thanks.

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Re: WRT160Nv3 connection speed gradually slows...

haha exactly!


Routers have to be a secret science where you are told the magic solution to any wireless problems (including wireless completely dissapearing, connection speeds down, impossibility to connect sometimes, and loss of hairs).



I had that "lower the MTU" a few times, even from linksys support on the phone....


If I remember properly, MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit.  What do you transmit? packets.


So that lower the size of packet transmitted, the less data would be sent each time.

However, if there is a slow connectivity, a larger packet could slow down and create packet losses, simply because it's busy sendng it.


On a packet of 1500, you need to remove 28 octets for infos,...


So the rule was to calculate your max mtu


ping -f -l 1472   (it-s 1500 -28).  Then try lower like 1480-28= 1452 (ping -f -l 1452).


If you get no ping replies, then its set too big for your current connection environment (might be due to loss of packets due to noise, etc...)


So that's my old and rusty knwoledge about that.



Now my opinion:


1) Well whatever fancy settings they like to talk about "HM lower the MTU", "Hm do the xypoctum settings to delta epsylon value".... it's often not relevant.


2) for your problem>

The router is not the only source of "slowness". In particular do you know that ISPs are capable of reducing your speed if you have downloiaded too much? I remember Virgin UK would cap our 4MB connection to 512KB if we had downloaded over 2gb in the last 4 hours, something like that/


Also if you are on cable connection, if there is much traffic it can create slow connection/

If you are far from the ADSL 1 router, then you'll get not that good connection...


About the B/G yes if your adapter is using B/g , the router  will definitely broadcast on the 2.4GHZ frequency as opposed to the 5ghz frequency. I doutb it can send to both at the same time!




Hope that help, athough im not networking pro!



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Re: WRT160Nv3 connection speed gradually slows...

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First of all, thank you for taking the time to respond to my inquire. I'll address the latter part of your answer first.


My connection is cable, Earthlink, which in turn uses the Time Warner backbone here in Nebraska. For a few reasons, I don't think Earthlink/TW is throttling my connection. One, when I reset the router, even if I don't use it much or at all, the next day or a few days later it'll be at .80Mbps or around there. Second, the connection speed never increases back near the original 7Mbps. It requires a hard reset. Third, the slow down occurs at any point, 8am, 3pm, 6pm, 12am you name it it'll happen so it doesnt appear to be related to heavy traffic.


Even with my "g" wifi card in my laptop, and my fiances "n draft", at 2.4ghz I still should be able to receive what I'm paying for.


Now as to the former part of your answer, it is comically based so I enjoyed it. I'll try dropping the MTU down and see if that helps.

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Re: WRT160Nv3 connection speed gradually slows...



This seems to be an fairly old topic but I am having the exact same problems so i was wondering if there is some solution allready.

My connection to the ISP is cable 60 Mbps but after some time (day or so) my connection speed drops to about 20 Mbps

After resetting my linksys the connection speed is up to 60 Mbit again (I do not reset my ISP cable modem and the problem is only with the linksys router ( when i use a sitecom one the speed does not drop)

I'm using a cabled network so it can't be a wifi problem.


running firmware v3.0.03 (seems there is no update)


Greetz Dennis

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Re: WRT160Nv3 connection speed gradually slows...

I've been tearing my hair out about this one too.  I've spent a bit of time on the boards and I don't think that there is a solution.  Here are some of the things which some people have claimed to have made a difference.  None of them have worked for me.  Try them at your own risk.


Disable upnp.

Disable home network protection.

Keep it cool.

Check what other wireless routers are in your area an hard-code a channel which no one else is using≥


Good luck.