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WRT1900ac port forwarding not working

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Hello, I am trying to open a couple ports on this router for teamspeak and other ports for dedicated servers, but it isn't functioning at all. 

I am using the single port forwarding option because its it what I require (ports needed for teamspeak). I don't understand why it isn't working at all I am of aware of the firewall settings. All the ports are allowed to go through my firewall inbound and outbound. I am frustrated I been going back and forth chaging my settings resetting the router and my modem but still nothing is working its a complete joke. Port fowarding on this router should be flawless being a premium router. I was using an apple airport extreme which is a very limited router in features and port forwarding is not so obvious as it is on the wrt1900ac but regardless it worked well and without a pain.  


My modem is a sb6141, my router is the wrt1900ac, I use a network switch for htpc, main pc, and other devices. I am on TWC network with an upload and download of 100mbits



local address of my router is

local address of my modem is


If someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it......


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Re: WRT1900ac port forwarding not working

**** me I forgot to reroute my external ip adress to my domain name