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WRT300N - All lights, no action

Worked fine for months then just stopped.  Broadband Internet working fine with direct link to computer.  Insert the router and no signal to the computer.  Tested cables.  Reset the router.  Nothing helps.  Symptoms: All ethernet lights on router constantly on whether cables are plugged in or not.  Internet light appears.  No wireless light at all.  Expensive modem in important location.  Grateful for any help.

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Re: WRT300N - All lights, no action

had a similar issue with this router and had to replace it, i hope it's still under warranty.

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Re: WRT300N - All lights, no action

Hard-reset the router for 1 minute and power cycle it.Now,check the light status on the router.It it's ok then,try to re-configure the router as per the ISP settings.


If your Internet Service Provider is Cable follow this link

If your Internet Service Provider is DSL follow this link

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Re: WRT300N - All lights, no action

I have the same symptoms after purchasing an Xbox and trying to get it to play.  I followed the directions perfectly before I realized they were for the WRT160Nv2  (Re: WRT160Nv2 Xbox Live Strict Nat and Need Open Nat.) 

Once I plugged the power back in on the WRT300N, all Ethernet lights are on and the internet light is also on steady, power on dim.  The unit does not respond (lights) Tx/Rx to a PC with an Ethernet cable.  I've tried pulling the power for several minutes (no change) and pressing and holding the reset button (no effect).  Help!  I think I just made myself an expensive doorstop.  Smiley Sad