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WRT310Nv2 channel width question


Bought the WRT310Nv2 about a month ago.

I set the channel width on "20/40 Auto" after I noticed that in "20 Mhz Only" , I can only get up to 130mpbs. With the 20/40 auto, the router selected "40Mhz Only" and I can get up to 300mpbs.

Imagine my surprise that one day I checked my speed and saw a drop to 130, checked the router status and found out the width was set to "20Mhz only" on its on. The setting was still "20/40 Auto" in the configuration section.

So I tried reswitching to "20 only" and back to "20/40" , but no go, tried reboot using the web configuration, nothing.

Finally, after two physical reboots (disconnecting the power supply), it re-set itself on "40 mhz only".

The questions:

Anyone knows why the change happaned?

Can I force it to "40Mhz only" ?

Anyway to avoid the physical reboot the next time this happens?



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Re: WRT310Nv2 channel width question

When you setup the Channel 20/40 then,it will select the best possible channel.
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Re: WRT310Nv2 channel width question

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Re: WRT310Nv2 channel width question



I have the same exact issue as you do - have you been able to resolve it?


Iahve a new WRT310Nv2 (about 4 weeks ago) I initially changed my settings to what you see below and was able to achieve up to 300Mbps. However, several days later I noticed it dropped considerably to 144Mbps, almost half of what I was getting. rebooting the router and switchign the setting back and forth did not help. I have since not been able to get 300Mbps....**bleep**??


At this point I don't know if it's the router (heating issues) or its my computer wireless card. (heating issues as well)....both hardware are new (well you never know what you get in Best Buy or from Dell these days).




Dell Studio XPS 1640 (new)

Win 7 Ultimate 64bit, 8GB RAM

Wireless Card: Intel WiFi Link 5300 AGN (this could be part of the problem too)


Router (Basic Wireles Settings)


Network Mode: Wireless-N Only

Network Nme (SSID):  ""

Channel Width: Auto(20Mhz - 40Mhz)

Channe: Auto

SSID Broadcast: Enabled (router is locked down by MAC Address)



Intel WiFi Link 5300 AGN Driver (ADVANCEDProperties)


802.11n Channel Width for band 2.4:     Auto

802.11n Channel Width ffor band 5.2:    Auto

802.11n Mode:                                    Enabled                                 

Ad Hoc Channel 802.11 b/g:                 1

Ad Hoc Default Wireless Mode:            0. 802.11b/g

Ad Hoc Power Management:                Disabled

Ad Hoc QoS Mode:                             WMM Disabled

Fat Channel Intolerant:                         Disabled

Mixed Mode Protection                        CTS-toself Enabled

Roaming Aggressiveness:                    3. Medium

Throughput Enhancement:                   Disabled

Transmit Power:                                  5. Highest

Wireless Mode:                                   6. 802.11a/b/g

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Re: WRT310Nv2 channel width question

Same issue with a wrt160n V3.  Initial settings of "auto" for channel and channel width only held for an hour.  Then they somehow set themselves to 20MHz only and channel 1.  Wireless tab still shows my original choices of "auto" but wireless status tab shows 20MHz only and 1.  Reboots didn't help.  Power disconnection didn't help.  Firmware upgrade via Linksys chat didn't help.  All other settings are retained except those two. 


Anyone know why or how to fix?