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WRT54G Lock-up

I just wanted to add another post for the lock-up issue.  All I can hope is that if Linksys sees 10 posts a day they'll maybe look into the problem and provide a solution.
Setup is a notebook with a Intel PRO/Wireless card and a WRT54G, v2.0. Sometime after upgrading the router firmware to the latest 4.21.1 the problems started (wish I had written down the old firmware number).  On occasions when powering up the notebook it finds the network but it will not connect.  I have the process of hard resetting the WRT54G and restoring the configuration file for it down to a fine science.
Thanks to the following members for the most promising posts.  I'll give them a try and see how it goes.
"I'm also hoping you can "fix the router" and here is a clue as to what should be worked on.  Check out this link:  and note the cause.  Power Save Polling not handled correctly by the router manufacturer.  My 54GX4 worked well for a year until I brought home my new laptop with a 3945ABG card in it as rmeyers has and much trouble ensued.  I did the recommended short term fixes from Intel and I'm up and working, typing this wirelessly without trouble.  I am however going to see increased power consumption as a result of the changes.  I'd like Linksys to correct the handling of PSP so that I can change back to the original settings.  I did not see anything on the version info for the latest firmware addressing this."
"For those who have had wireless only issues w/ this router, I found a solution that worked for me.  Hopefully, it will help somebody else.  It's the "Network Density" setting under the "Wireless"->"Advanced Wireless" tab.  The default setting is "low" so I moved it to "medium" and all of sudden, everything seemed to work better.  My packet loss/speed went from 25% loss/200ms to 2% loss/4ms. This setting apparently increases the transmitting power of the wireless signal.  After somehow noticing that the number of Wireless SSIDs I see in my area grew by 3x-4x in the last few months, I decided to give this a try."